About a decade ago, Transgress came into existence with a dream of becoming one of the leading web design companies in the market, and due to many relentless hours of hard work, creativity, innovation and out of the box thinking possessed by those behind the brand of Transgress, we managed to become the leading web design company in Colombo. But we never became complacent or arrogant. We gathered experience and knowledge from wherever we could find it, we learnt from our mistakes and downfalls and kept pursuing our dream!

Despite our humble beginnings, we at Transgress have managed to transgress beyond our expectations and grow into one of the leading web designing companies in Sri Lanka, that brings world quality products and services to our beloved clients and our community. We now provide a plethora of services including web design and development, e-commerce solutions, digital marketing and much more, under the supervision of many experts with years of skill, knowledge, creativity and innovation under their belts.

We are also quite proud of the fact that Transgress won an award for the Best Education and Professional Services web site in Sri Lanka in 2017 and 2018 for which is the leading videography and photography company in Sri Lanka.

Looking to the future, we at Transgress would like to join hands with you to learn, grow, innovate and go from strength to strength.


Our Vision

We always aspire to be the best website design company in Sri Lanka in addition to providing a plethora of other services including software and system development, photography, videography coupled with drone technology and various other IT solutions.

Our Mission

Since we never consider a project brought to us by a client, just as work, we take it upon ourselves to take it as our own passion project and strive to create the best product through hard work and innovation, as well as provide the best service to our client to ensure maximum client satisfaction, since we hope to stand out from the other web design and overall web design companies in Sri Lanka.

Strength & Capacity

Our strength lies in our team, which comprise of some of the best website designers in Sri Lanka, who have gathered a lot of experience by working in this field for many years both locally and internationally. Our visual design team also comprises graphic designers, videographers, drone pilots, photographers and a diverse group of professionals. All the programmers in our team are well-versed to handle many projects at once and deliver amazing quality products on time! Therefore, it is quite apparent that we have the right people for the right job!

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